Easy butter spread


I know you all love to save money and eat healthy so here is a great recipe  (only 3 ingredients)  that will help you do both.

Today I’m going to show you a very easy way to stretch your butter.

Over the years I’ve learned  things to help my family’s dollars go farther and and I’ve learned to do things that are healthier for my family as well.

One of those things was to begin using real butter verses margarine.

We all know that real butter tastes better and is better for you than the cheaper margarine spreads.

While butter does cost more, you can still save money when buying butter if you find real butter that is on sale.  We usually stock up on this when it’s cheaper than $2.50 a pound.

(Remember you can freeze butter, so plan on stocking up when it’s cheaper and load up your freezer.)

In order to stretch your butter take a look at the following tip.
Here are your 3 ingredients:

  •   One Pound Of Butter (Softened)
  • One Cup Of Light-Tasting Olive Oil  (I Emphasize Light Tasting)
  • One Cup Of Room Temperature Water

That is all you need to make your family a butter spread that you can cook with & use just like you would regular margarine spreads.

Follow these steps to a cheaper and healthier way of eating butter.

(Remember this will stretch your butter a lot longer too)
First, soften a pound of real butter.

Then, whip the soften butter till it’s very creamy


Then add one cup of light tasting olive oil, then one cup of water & whip


(at this point it may look very watery)

Pour butter spread into a container of your choice


Put your spread in the refrigerator to harden up


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5 Responses to Easy butter spread

  1. Marie says:

    This sounds like a great tip! I’m trying it right off. I was just curious if you can still cook with it like pure butter or if it’s only good as a spread for toast and such….


    • Jennifer says:

      Yes, I do still cook with it and haven’t had any problems. When I do baking I will just use straight sticks of butter not the spread. Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Denette says:

    Does it need to be stored in the refrigerator?


  3. TheresaHoff says:

    Thank you for this recipe Jennifer!  As a mom to 7 blessings, this surely will stretch the use of butter(and we use a lot!)  Especially now since butter is around $4 per pound.  Curious as to how long it actually will last in the fridge as a guess. Again thanks and love your blog 🙂 Happy day to you.


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