How to love a difficult child

parent-and-teen (1)If you have children and they are still young in your house or maybe they are grown and you teach school or Sunday school, chances are you probably have run into a difficult child.   You know the ones that can be stubborn, strong willed, annoying, challenging on all levels.    There are days where you literally feel drained to the core.

What do you do?
Do you find it difficult to really “love” them?   Especially, when you’re worn out, nothing is working, & you’re tired of the challenge!

First, remember that each child is a blessing from the Lord.  They are precious to God, so we need to look at them being special to God.  Sometimes that’s hard to see when all you see is difficult behavior.  Also check your heart and attitude as a mom, Is it where is should be?

Second, we need to ask yourself, why is this child acting out or being challenging?  Is there not enough consistent discipline in their life?  Have they been allowed to “get away” with things because we as moms are too tired to deal with the real issue?   If so, turn things around now, and start be consistent with correcting them & also consistent with praising them!  They go hand in hand.

Here are a few helpful tips when dealing with a difficult child:

  • Go over rules & consequences. (remember little ones needs lots of reminders)
  • Make a chart of “Good Behavior”.  (then give rewards when they earn them)
  • Remember to praise them often.
  • Tell them that you love them.
  • Give them hugs and reassure them of your love & concern.
  • Take “time out” for yourself and reflect on YOUR attitude. (Is it pleasing to the Lord?)

Third, children that act out for two reasons (typically), one, they are not disciplined consistently and two, they are wanting attention and will try anyway to get it.  We need to make sure that are hearts are right when dealing with them.  Handle things with love and kindness, just like Christ does for us when we are difficult.  We need to be longsuffering and patient which is hard to do!

Last, remember to PRAY!!!!  Pray and then pray some more!!  Ask God for wisdom in how to deal with a child that is sometimes, just hard to love.

 How do you handle a difficult child?   




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  1. It is a mine field sometimes raising children. Praying makes all the difference!


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