I stopped having fun


 As a mom, who is busy, stretched thin, running full steam, & a times frustrated….I started to forget about “fun”.  When there is so much to do in a day, laundry….., menu planning……, school at home……, cooking……., cleaning….., organizing……, should I forget disciplining & of course breaking up fights…I really don’t have time to
“have fun”.

You know how it goes, you feel the little tug on your shirt or pants and as you’re busy cooking, cleaning or should I say catching up on Facebook (ugh)….and you hear “Mommy, can you play…. Mommy, push me on the swing….Mommy, let’s go outside…..”  

You know what comes next, you just say “Mommy can’t right now”, “I’m too busy”, “Later I’ll….” etc.   In most cases it never happens.

Enjoy the little things....

Enjoy the little things….


so precious

Well, yesterday….I stopped everything because I got invited to a puppet show.  I mean the kind with stuffed animals with sticks taped to the arms, with blankets as the curtains, and a Mp3 player for the backup music.  You know the kind!  And you know what?  I actually went to this puppet show put on by a few of the kids and it was so fun.  Even though most of it was silly, it truly got me thinking of how many opportunities do I miss, because I was too busy. 

By me going to this puppet show it gave my children the opportunity to be creative, it gave them a sense that Mom takes an interest in what they are doing, it gave my kids a sense of worth, it put smiles on their faces, and it gave me a wakeup call to stop and smell the roses more often. 

I realize that our kids are only little once.  They need us to take the time for them and just have “fun”.   The laundry can wait, the cleaning can wait, and the phone calls can wait and just give them our undivided attention.  You’ll be surprised on how much fun we as moms are missing out on!   From now on, I’m going to try and do more games, playing outside, and just be silly with them.   It’s in those moments that memories are made…..and relationships grow stronger.   Are you having “fun” mom?

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