Tuesdays Tips


 *** I’ll be trying to put up household or “other” tips every Tuesday. (notice I said TRY)  Enjoy!

Who LOVES cleaning the refrigerator?   Anyone?   Well, after several and I mean SEVERAL times of deep cleaning the frig like the kind when you  have to use a butter knife or some other instrument to scrape who knows what out of the there, I knew there had to be something to cut down on the time it takes to do this major undertaking!  Ugh! 

 So, if this sounds like a dilemma at your house, let me give you a tiny bit of help in this department.  I tripped a crossed a pin on Pinterest on how to put use Press and Seal to line the shelves of your refrigerator to help with the spills and mess that happen with little children constantly.   So I gave it a whirl in desperation one day! 

 This is rather simple but it has worked for me the past few months and I just got to recommend this little tip.   (now if you don’t have major clean up in your refrigerator than feel blessed)



First start by deep cleaning the whole frig.

Then purchase Press and Seal from Hefty

After the shelves are dry, take a strip and lay and press down on each shelf.


*sometimes you will have over lay that sticks up a bit. Personally I’ll just tape the little part down, so it doesn’t rip up when someone grabs something out of the frig.


Now….this doesn’t completely eliminate all messes but it sure does cut back on cleaning time!   After a few weeks of this Press and Seal down, I’ll take everything out and just pull up the seal, throw it away and you may have a few small spots to clean or wipe but….nothing like before.


Do you have any tips that save work and time in the house?  Be sure to share!  I love to hear what works for others……




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