A Heart for the Home 1st give-away




 I’m so excited to announce A Heart for the Home 1st give-away contest!


I first want to say thank you to The Rocking Pony for donating to the 1st give-away.  Karen and I have been friends for about 12 years.   You can find her at The Rocking Pony blogging about her events of life.  And also her Etsy shop here.    (Please go visit her)  

Karen is extremely gifted and talented in my areas……from sewing to photography to many others things.  She is a Godly mother to 4 and is an inspiration and encouragement to me!  

 Here’s a chance below to enter to win 1 custom made shirt by:

The Rocking Pony!  

So spread the word to your friends!!!

*** Take note…..once you “Like” A Heart for the Home on Facebook it will unlock the rest of your entries   So don’t miss them.  Click on the number 5 and press like and then enter.   Your on your way to more entries!!


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8 Responses to A Heart for the Home 1st give-away

  1. Sandy says:

    love the contest…i love the frog t -shirts. A very talented person…


  2. Melissa Gibson says:

    Love your blog!!!! Just recently found it and I am really enjoying it. Thanks!!


  3. What a fun giveaway! Thanks for hosting this. 🙂 The shirts are so adorable; very talented!


  4. Krystle says:

    This is a fun giveaway!


    • Jennifer says:

      Krystal….Karen contacted you through your FB account, so please check your “other” folder so you two can work out the details of getting your shirt! Thanks!


  5. Sylvia says:

    What adorable shirts! Thanks for linking up to Friendship Friday at “Living and Learning With Our New Normal” http://faithfulmomof9.com


  6. Diane says:

    Your website is wonderful & inspiring!! Love the contest & the support for your friend 🙂


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