Pointing them to the Cross



 We all get busy this time of year with “spring” activities.  Church services, picking out the perfect Easter outfits for the kids, going to relatives house for dinner, getting pictures done, maybe a Easter egg hunt, going on a “spring vacation” with the family, planning the perfect dinner or desserts for the Easter dinner, all these things can be good, but in the busyness we tend to lose our focus of what is really important.

Yesterday was a busy day for me…..I was the one running to 10 different stores trying to find various items to piece together outfits for Easter Sunday morning and we are also planning a road trip that begins Sunday night.  So that added a hundred other things to “get done”, but I started reflecting on the importance of slowing down for a few minutes and reflect on what the cross means to me.

As I reflect on the greatest event in human history…..

when Christ willing laid down his life for the sins of this world, it’s a humbling reminder of God’s ultimate sacrifice.


We as Moms need to take the time to point our children to the cross.  Everything else can cloud our days and make our schedules full, but we must slow down and open the Word of God and point them to what Christ did for them over 2,000 years ago.  If we don’t share with them this truth, who will? 

 Now, there is nothing wrong with fancy dresses & ties, Easter candy, special dinners, helping out with your church services or even a “spring vacation”…..but if we lose sight of teaching our kids the cross and the empty tomb….we missed the mark.

 There are many tools we can use to point them to the cross.  From an Easter book (if your children are smaller) or a video on their level to explain what Easter is or to even your older kids reading the account of Christ death and victory over the grave in the Word of God.  Take advantage of these tools and take advantage of the time to teach and point them to what Christ did for them.

Free coloring resources HERE

Activities to do with kids HERE 

(There are many, many more resources to choose from on the internet)

Slowing down (that’s a hard one for me) and pausing to point our kids to the cross should be the first thing on our “to do” list this weekend.

 Have a Happy Easter Weekend!!

Romans 5:8  But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.



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3 Responses to Pointing them to the Cross

  1. I was just talking to the kids about this last night. They were especially excited about the possibility of Easter candy and talking about how they will celebrate with their children. I agree. That’s all fun and good, but not the REASON for Easter.


    • Jennifer says:

      Thank you Esther….a good reminder for all of us! By the way…I love your name….almost named one of my daughters Esther! Happy Easter!


  2. Leah says:

    Great reminder! Our kids loved watching their Easter story DVD over and over this year. I bought the same one last year and they watched it so much they wore it out! lol This year I bought it again in time for Easter and I’m thrilled that they keep asking for it. We’re not big into candy and stuff (I’m a sugar police mom-ha!).


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