Simple tips for memorizing scripture


We can all agree that hiding God’s Word in our hearts is important at any age….but it’s crucial when our children our young.  It’s a time when they are trainable, mold-able, and when Satan is roaring around trying to get your children off-track!

In any given day there are many things trying to pull at my children’s attention….from music, to computers, social media, t.v., videos, their friends, etc.  Satan has a way of distracting all of us into being busy and we lose sight of grounding our children in the Word of God.

Here are a few simple ways to help your children memorize scripture:

  1. Play scripture as songs.  Here is a great tool we’ve used from Steve Green called Hide Em’ in your Heart found here and here.   This is a easy way to play while your home or even in the car driving around town.  Your kids will pick up quickly the verses because it’s in song form!  (there are also Vol. 1 and 2 and praise and worship to choose from) hideeminyourheart
  2. Make a memory verse chart.  This is a simple project to make out of poster board and stickers and give rewards to each child as they learn their verses for that week.  There are endless possibilities to what you can reward with.  Kids LOVE seeing all their stickers they earned and watching their progress.

    This is a very simple chart I just put together...mind you...I'm not super crafty...but it works!

    This is a very simple chart I just put together…mind you…I’m not super crafty…but it works!

  3. Have a Bible Verse Challenge.  During your family devotions or family time, have a fun game of reciting verses they know from memory.  Turning into a game will make it fun and also a little competition helps spur each other on!
  4. Place scripture around your house.  Make up note cards and write the verse of the week on it.  (for smaller children you can print out visuals on it) Place these in areas where it will grab their attention (on the mirror, on the refrigerator, on their desk, near their dresser etc.)
  5. Put hand motions to the verses.   As you teach the verses or review them, put your own animation to them.  This makes it fun and it also makes the verses stick in their mind better.  Get the kids involve and ask them which hand motions fit the words you are going over.

All in all….this not only helps your children learn and memorize scripture, it also helps us the parents to learn along with them.  Remember the younger the child is….adapt the verse for their age.  The older they become require more from them, maybe challenge them to do 2 verses or even work on a whole chapter.

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14 Responses to Simple tips for memorizing scripture

  1. Stephanie says:

    This is all very true and I agree that teaching them young is best. We changed our church of 15 years to go to a more kid-friendly one all because we deem our kids having a proper foundation in God’s word as a priority. Thank you for sharing this post. Will pin it because its great.



  2. These are great tips! Thanks for sharing with #fellowshipfridays over at CMB!


  3. Kerry says:

    Great ideas. My kids memorized so many verses when we heard them as songs.


  4. Leah Williams says:

    I would love to have this because I simply don’t have a system in place for memorizing Bible verses with my kiddos.


  5. Tina says:

    Thanks for sharing these ideas! This was a good reminder to me!


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