What about Virtues?

When training our children…. virtues has always been high on the priority of things we wanted to instill in their lives.

This is back in the day when we only had 3 kids....we were learning as we grew!

This is back in the day when we only had 3 kids….we were learning as we grew!

When we only had 3 children we were still at the point of “doing the best we can”.   There wasn’t much in the sense of guiding us each step of the way (besides the Bible) but no real charts, curriculum, or a book we were following.  (we at least didn’t know of any resources in this area)  I can say though….my older three have turned out pretty good with the training they got from “first time” parents.   God does give you grace and wisdom as you go and also people in your life to help steer you in the right direction.   As for the other children  we have adapted the resource of that the Duggars recommend on their  website a free print out of Character Training  

Now a days there is so many resources available from books, DVDs, workshops, seminars, blog articles, etc.   One curriculum that we recently tripped a crossed was   WE CHOOSE VIRTUES.   (and I’m SO HAPPY we did!)


This is my thoughts on this awesome resource for families:

1. It is very detailed.   This curriculum leaves nothing out.  From parent cards to charts It gives you step by step ways to teach your children 12 different virtues from obedience to gentleness.

2.  It’s colorful.  Being a mom for 17 years now and working in the early childhood field for a number of years…kids are drawn to colors.   My kids were attracted to the colorful charts and Virtueville Characters.  Its a very creative way to draw your children’s attention.

3. It’s informative.  Each virtue is taught along with a scripture verse (which is key in training your little ones).   They need to hear what the Bible says about these virtues in their life.  It also has activities and games you can incorporate into helping them learn.  (There is no guess work for the parents)

4.  It’s affordable.   With everything that is of value or importance comes with a bit of a price.  I feel as a family living on  one income, it is affordable for something that is LONGlasting.   It’s also something that can be used for multiple children with in your family.  We used this for our younger children and will still be used for our younger children that are not yet at the age to understand.


Parent cards come with instructions of what to teach

We had a tremendous time starting WE CHOOSE VIRTUES.   We started off with Obedience because that is an anchor to many other things in a young child’s life.

colorful charts to keep track of your children's progress

colorful charts to keep track of your children’s progress

my 2nd to youngest coloring her Obedience from their VirtueVille coloring pages

my 2nd to youngest coloring her Obedience from their VirtueVille coloring pages


our youngest son learning about Obedience

our youngest son learning about Obedience

I believe every parent should invest the time and resources into training your children in teaching them virtues, character, and the Word of God.  This definitely covered all of that!  I look forward to to seeing the fruits of helping my children learn virtues!  To learn more about WE CHOOSE VIRTUES and see what others are sayings about it please visit their page HERE.   

They all enjoyed learning today!

They all enjoyed learning today!

(this curriculum was given to A Heart for the Home in exchange for a review)




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4 Responses to What about Virtues?

  1. Michelle says:

    I think an investment in virtues is what a lot of parents should look into, and this particular curriculum looks “kid friendly.”


  2. Kasey says:

    That looks like an excellent resource. Character/virtue training is so critical. What a blessing that you take that call so seriously! We used Plants Grown Up and Cornerstones and loved it. My little guys are almost two, though, and this looks like something I’d be interested in looking into for them in a year or so. Thank you for linking this up last week at Walking Redeemed!


    • Jennifer says:

      I’ve never heard of Plants grow up and cornerstone. I’ll have to check that out. Love that there is so much out there to choose from! Thanks for stopping by!


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