Gardening with Kids with Purpose


This is the season where most families are finding things outdoors to do and taking the time to enjoy the spring air.

After a long winter (if you live up North) it’s a great time to get the kids outside and do a garden or start planting flowers!

A wonderful and cheap way to do a project with your children or grandchildren  is planting seeds (but with a purpose in mind)!

Go to your local Walmart or even dollar store and for a few bucks you can pick up some supplies like:

  • planting trays
  • potting soil
  • little shovels
  • seeds
  • watering can
  • fertilizer

After you pick up supplies, pick a nice sunny day and gather the children to make a gardening project with a purpose.

How do I do gardening with purpose?  What does that mean?

Here are a few examples of how to garden with a purpose:

Simply….take the moments while filling in the dirt and adding the seeds to teach your children about the parable of the sower in Matthew 13:1-23.

As you are planting talk to your children about how some seeds fall on stony ground, some by the way side, and some take root and flourish.

Ask them which kind of  heart do they need to have the seeds of God’s truth take hold?IMG_3616

If you’re not planting, and you’re just clearing out weeds…. This is a great time to teach how weeds are like sin in our lives.

When unconfessed and not dealt with it grows bigger and stronger and can overtake your whole heart.

Another way to teach while gardening is about the things that God created and how each flower and plant has a purpose that is part of God’s perfect design.

This a wonderful opportunity to open their eyes to creation and how God’s world was designed.

IMG_3635 And last….as you finish up with watering and fertilizer your plants, remind them what they need in their life to grow as a Christian.  Prayer and reading God’s Word.

 Just as every plant needs sun and water to grow, we need to pray and read God’s Word to stay a healthy.

So next time you go out in the yard with the kids….make it purposeful and take  these moments to add in a spiritual teaching while doing your planting and gardening!

 Make these moments special, make them fun, & make them purposeful!


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4 Responses to Gardening with Kids with Purpose

  1. Love these ideas… Thanks for sharing with the Thrive @ Home link-up!


  2. Hey! I’m glad I came across your page from the Missional Women blog link up. This is such an awesome idea to do with the kids! I started a little mini garden with my little guy yesterday, it’d be great if you can check out my blog soon as I am working on a new post all about it. This definitely made me feel like I’m on the right track of doing something fun with my son. Have a blessed Friday! 🙂


    • Jennifer says:

      Awesome to hear! I’ll definitely go by and check out your blog~ I appreciate you stopping and reading! Blessings!


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