These children aren’t mine!


These children aren’t mine!


I thought you had 7 children?     Well,  I do….but something I heard probably a hundred times and I’m sure you have too is, “Your children belong to the Lord”.

You know, I’ve probably said it a hundred times myself and have read articles relating to this same topic.  But it wasn’t until Sunday morning as I woke up and I was holding my youngest (she’s the most cuddliest right now) and meditating on the day, I was truly impressed that  These Children are NOT mine!

Yes, they are my biological children but ultimately they are God’s!  God has given them to us to raise for Him.

Just about 2 years we raised a Seeing Eye Dog (Kristoff)  for Guiding Eyes for the Blind and we had him in our family for a year and a half.  We had the responsibility  to raise and train him for the job to one day lead a blind person in their daily life.  I would tell myself often that he is NOT our dog, we just have him for a little while.  (This was my way of not getting too attached to him) It was a lot of work, time and effort on all of our parts to finally get him to the end of graduation.  (He now lives in Los Vegas with a gentlemen and his family.

Kristoff and the kids right before he left our home

Kristoff and the kids right before he left our home







Kristoff with Greg at his graduation

Kristoff with Greg at his graduation


But just as Kristoff was given to us for a time being to raise, train, and guide we are given only a certain amount of time to train, nurture and point our children towards Christ.

That is a huge responsibility as you know.  These precious gifts were part of God’s plan and God has a purpose and plan for their lives.  Just as Kristoff’s purpose and goal was to eventually be a guide for a blind person, our children have a plan and purpose specifically for them.

It’s our job as moms to learn to have an “open hand” with our kids.   Realize  just as I did with our guide dog we only have him for a short time, and we only have our children for a short time to make an impact for eternity.

“If we hold tightly to anything given to us unwilling to allow it to be used as the Giver means it to be used we stunt the growth of the soul. What God gives us is not necessarily “ours” but only ours to offer back to him, ours to relinguish, ours to lose, ours to let go of, if we want to be our true selves. Many deaths must go into reaching our maturity in Christ, many letting goes.”  ― Elisabeth Elliot

We need to be planting seeds of God’s truth, instilling Godly character, and helping them to learn to have a heart and passion for God.  This takes purposeful parenting on our parts as moms!

I know as a mom we all have things that we “wish” for our children to do when they get older, but we need to realize that God already has a plan in store for them.  He has created them for a specific task.  It’s our job to help guide and steer them towards finding out what God’s will is for their lives.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Pray for your children daily. 
  • Saturate them in the Word of God.
  • Disciple them daily.
  • Point them to Christ in every situation.
  • Learn to have an “open hand” mind set with your children.
  • Cherish each moment with them.
  • Help guide them towards what God wants them to do.

All in all, I did give birth 7 times!  I do have 7 children given to me by God. (#8 coming soon) But knowing in my heart that these precious gifts are REALLY God’s…..I’m just the one responsible to point them to Him, raise and train for His honor and glory….not mine!

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Here is a awesome song by Steven Curtis Chapman called “Yours”

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26 Responses to These children aren’t mine!

  1. Excellent post! When our first was born, the usual tests all came back positive for serious complications. For the next 2 days, with her in the ICU incubator, I had to hear that very same message from the Lord, “She isn’t yours, you know. She’s mine! If I give her to your care for 1 day or 1 lifetime, she still is mine.” At a crisis time, it was a hard but heartening message to hear.

    All the tests turned out to be false positive, but the test from the Lord has changed my view of my children forever.

    Coming over from Moms The Word link-up.


    • Jennifer says:

      Awesome words Kate!!! So true! So true! Whether one day or one lifetime! (Love that) thanks for stopping by! Blessings!


  2. This post so blessed me!! Thanks for sharing it over at Monday Musings with Naomi.


  3. Linda S says:

    Amen! Beautifully put! The training of a guide dog is an excellent illustration. I’ll be sharing this with my family. Thank you.


  4. Very good – and something I needed to read today. Thank you. 🙂 Visiting from Far Above Rubies.


  5. Joanne Viola says:

    You have given us all very wise things to consider. Thank you for sharing this. I was your neighbor at Wed. Prayer Girls 🙂


  6. Lisha says:

    One of my greatest fears as a new believer & young mom years ago was that the Lord would use the lives of my children to draw me closer to Himself (I know! Now, it sounds so strange to me. Why would I want to be kept from Him?!). I begged Him to never test my devotion to Him by letting anything tragic happen to my babies! And, yet, in His mercy – we’ve walked the paths of infant loss, major surgery with my oldest, significant development delays with two of my girls…

    I still need to be reminded often that I am but a handpicked steward of these three treasures from heaven; that they are His, not mine.

    Thank you for being this morning’s reminder!
    I’m visiting from the Raising Homemakers Link-up. 🙂


  7. I love it! What a great post! What a wonderful family you have & blog. I am visiting from The Homemaking Party Blog Hop! I look forward to your visit at
    Happy Homemaking!


  8. Gena says:

    Such a great reminder for me today! Thanks for linking it up at From House to Home.


  9. Love your post from the title to the content! The children are not ours – they are His!


  10. momstheword says:

    Such a beautiful reminder and encouragement! As a parent I, like you, gave my children to the Lord a long time ago. But I had my moments of taking them back, lol! The Lord would have to remind me that they were HIS, and that I could trust Him to enfold His plan for their life.

    Thanks for linking up to the “Making Your Home Sing Monday!” linky party! 🙂


  11. Rebecca says:

    This is something I need to remind myself of often. Last August I lost a 20 week pregnancy and had to say goodbye to a perfect little girl. Within weeks I was expecting again and this pregnancy was long and difficult as it was filled with worry of losing another. Over and over I have to remind myself these children are not mine, I hold them and love them while I can and while I certainly don’t want to go through the pain of losing another one EVER again I try to just take each day for the blessing it is.


  12. Kasey says:

    This is so true and so well put. A beautiful reminder that this work we do is for Him! Thank you, friend! And thank you for linking up with me last week!


  13. murata says:

    well said and written! Thanks so much


  14. Molly Young says:

    Love this post! Such a great reminder, especially for a new momma who struggles with fear. Fear of something happening to my little one or not being the perfect parent! But they are God’s Children and God alone to do with them as He pleases. =)


  15. Michelle says:

    This was a beautiful post. It is so true that he gives them to us for a short time to raise for his glory. Everyday I try to remember that they are not mine, but his. But, how wonderful God is to give us such beautiful precious moments and happiness with them.


  16. unspeakablejoymccoy says:

    What a beautiful family you have been given! Yes, they belong to God! I have a 7th on the way this Fall and I am so thankful for each one He has blessed us with along the way.


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