And the gender is……

twobabiesI first want to say I’m very thankful that everything appeared to be healthy with the baby and on track so to speak for our growing baby!  Obviously going to these ultrasounds isn’t just to see the gender (even though that is fun too).  I still marvel at how awesome God really is!  As I laid there and watched the screen of this tiny little human life that God is giving to us, I’m just in awe of how at 20 weeks everything is there……from the kidneys, to the stomach, the diaphragm, to seeing the precious little heart beating!!!  There is NOTHING like it.

So we are more than thrilled that everything (so far) is appearing to be looking great!

Now to the big news…..

Here is the a glimpse of our precious little one, it’s a……


So precious!

 We are thrilled that God has given us another daughter!  This makes 6 girls (1/2 dozen) and 2 boys!  We are smiling very big!

I’m right at  the 20 week mark, so I still have 20 more to go!  I’m praying these next few weeks and months will go by with out complications and December will be here before we know it!   Thanks for all your concern, well wishes, and prayers!  I appreciate them all.   Let the countdown begin!!!!

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5 Responses to And the gender is……

  1. So very thankful to God for a healthy pregnancy! Congratulations on a new baby girl! God is good to bless us with little ones…they make life complete ❤


  2. Jenn says:

    Yay!! How exciting! I was right 😉 Every single person I know that is pregnant right now (and there are a lot) is having a girl. There are a couple of people who aren’t finding out gender, so who knows. But it is definitely a season for girls!


    • Jennifer says:

      Girls are definitely in abundance here at my house! (Which I love by the way) So exciting and we can’t wait until we get to meet her in person!


  3. Kasey says:

    So EXCITING!!!!! I’m thrilled that everything looks great! What a tremendous blessing.


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