God’s Love Bible Story Book Give-away



God’s Love for you Bible Story Book by Richard and Renee Sterns is a wonderful hard back story book with lots of extras.  God’s Love for you is published by Tommy Nelson and World Vision.   This unique Bible Story book has 80 stories and it also has a follow up with this story that coordinates to another part of the world.  It ties in beautifully the story but puts it in the reality of the here and now and how it applies not only to them but also other children and people around the world.


Here is another description:

Traditional Bible favorites and faith stories from children show kids that God’s love reaches all the way around the globe!

God’s Love for You Bible Storybook teaches favorite Bible stories followed by real stories of people sharing God’s love. Kids will see how they can learn from and help people all over the world. This book will help raise up a generation of generous, global Christians who are active in their communities and their world.

This Bible storybook is beautifully illustrated by Martina Peluso in bright, whimsical displays. Carolyn Larsen, author of The Little Girl’s Bible Storybook, assisted writing the Bible stories. World Vision® CEO Richard Stearns and his wife, Reneé, present stories about children they’ve met through World Vision, what life is like in their corner of the world, and how God is working through their lives. Also features fun facts about each child’s home country.



Proceeds of this book will be donated to World Vision.    Here is a where you can find out more information about God’s Love Story Book    Here is also a preview of this story book HERE

This story book of 272 pages is designed for ages of 2 to 10, it’s pages are very colorful and being it’s a hardback book it would be extremely durable for the many years of reading stories to your children.

If you would like to win a FREE copy of God’s Love for you Bible Story Book enter here below.  Remember this would be a great book for any family or make a great gift for someone.
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4 Responses to God’s Love Bible Story Book Give-away

  1. Jan Hall says:

    I love reading Bible Story books myself. They teach bible truths in a way that is easy for kids to understand. I purchased some and took them to church when I was teaching little ones. I had to give that up so after I read it I will send it to my grandkids.


  2. Jessica Wyatt says:

    I like both the uplifting stories, and the ones that leave you putting you in your place (so to speak). Really makes you think twice before acting!


  3. Brittany says:

    This book is so cute! I’m sure my kiddos would LOVE it!


  4. Sarah says:

    We LOVE reading Bible story books at our house. Usually when we finish we pass them around for other families to enjoy!


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