Will it ever stop?

williteverstop1Do you ever feel overwhelmed?    Never caught up?   Constantly behind and it all piling up?

You clean something and 5 minutes later it’s messy.  Your laundry is constantly piling up, toys are scattered everywhere, the dishes are piling up, & you feel like it will never end.  This is where negative thoughts creep in and we become defeated in our homes.

We start losing our joy and the crabbiness starts.

Well, let me assure you…..you are not alone!   It doesn’t matter how big your family is….if you are running a household it’s inevitable.

We must be very careful not to fill our minds with these negative thoughts.  When we become tired and weary and let our guard down, we allow the “stinkin’ thinkin’ ” to happen.   I’ve been there before and it’s not pretty!

If we are not careful, we rob ourselves of the joy of being a homemaker and mom.  Yes, there are going to be days when things are overwhelming,  but we need to take those opportunities to see the good in them.

Instead of seeing mounds of laundry…….Let’s be thankful for the clothes we have to fold.

Instead of seeing the piles of dirty dishes……Let’s be thankful we have something to eat off of.

Instead of seeing toys all over the place…..Let’s be thankful we have children to play with them.

Instead of seeing the numerous times we’ve cleaned the kitchen…..Let’s be thankful we have food to cook.

Instead of seeing the worst in things……Let’s take a moment and be thankful we have the ability to work in our homes.


God has really given us a wonderful opportunity to be managers and overseers of our homes.  We have the ability to do it joyfully or to complain and  let it rob us of our joy.

When things start spiraling out of control we need to:

  • Stop and pray.
  • Start focusing in on something positive.
  • Make sure your priorities are in check.
  • Take time to refocus and relax

Remember Ladies…when the thoughts creep in and you start feeling overwhelmed, realize what your doing in your home IS making a difference for eternity.




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2 Responses to Will it ever stop?

  1. Helene says:

    Satan loves to take charge of our thoughts and remind us again and again to feel sorry for ourselves! Joy comes from the Lord. Thanks for the reminder this morning!


  2. A perspective we would all benefit from having. 🙂


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