Time for Writing Review (4 weeks)


I have had the wonderful opportunity to review the program called Time 4 Writing.  Simply explained it’s a website geared towards helping students sharpen up their skills in writing.   From elementary to high school it can benefit any age.  It has certified teachers that guide your child through each step of their writing assignment.

My oldest daughter is taking an essay writing assignment and she  just completed 4 weeks out of her 8 weeks.  Here are the things we both like so far:

  • it keeps you on track
  • it guides you each step of the way
  • teacher gives great tips for improving your writing skills
  • it’s punctual with grading your work and returning it
  • it’s insightful and gives wonderful tips to improve what you already know

I would have to say after 4 weeks, this program has offered a lot of benefits to help her improve and sharpen some areas that were weak for her.

I’m impressed with how punctual the teachers are and how they clearly explain what they are expecting in their writing assignments and what the student can do to improve next time.

My daughter has another 4 weeks to complete and I’ll be giving a more detailed review at the end of her assignment.  If you would like more information please visit TIME 4 WRITING    

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