Easy Orange Chicken



Chicken.   It’s one of those ingredients that you can cook about a hundred different ways.  From casseroles to fried and even sandwhiches it can be made in many different ways.

One recipe that my family loves is Orange Chicken.  Not sure how it got it’s name, but I’m sure it’s because it turns out orange! HA!

This dish cooks in the slow cooker so it’s an easy meal for a busy day!  This recipe turns out very moist and goes well with potatoes or rice.

Here are the 4 ingredients you will need:

  • chicken (boneless or with bone)  1 or 2 pounds (depending on family size)
  • apricot jelly
  • one package of onion soup mix
  • one bottle of Catalina dressing

Here’s how you prepare it:

  • place chicken in slow cooker
  • sprinkle onion soup mix on top
  • add apricot jelly
  • pour on Catalina jelly
  • give a good stir

Cook on low for 6 to 7 hours (depending on how hot your slow cooker gets)  Serve over rice or any sides your family loves!

uncooked chicken with the onion soup mix

uncooked chicken with the onion soup mix

I love easy meals that don’t take a lot of time to prepare and recipes for busy days that you can add ingredients and let it cook all day!

If you want to try this recipe for later…….why not “pin” it?    

What recipes do you love to do with chicken?


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1 Response to Easy Orange Chicken

  1. This chicken looks delicious and easy! I will be trying it soon with my family.


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