Making time for Family Devotions

Finding Time for Family Devotions |

We all know that finding time in our day for family devotions can be challenging for any family.   It’s something that we know is beneficial, but at the same time other things pull for our time and our attention.

When God entrusted us with children, He also gave us a responsibility to train and raise them in the admonition of the Lord.  We are to teach them all the time!  It’s a constant thing we are to be doing according to Deuteronomy  11:19.  ”And ye shall teach them to your children, speaking of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, when thou liest down, and when thou risest up.”

It’s not always the easiest to find the time, be consistent, and make things effective, too.  So how do we find the time?  Where does a family begin?

Finding Time for Family Devotions

Here are few suggestions that have helped us over the years in our family devotion time:

  1. Find a time and try to stick with it.  Maybe your time as a family is better after dinner or maybe even during dinner. We do ours in the morning before school starts.  Each family’s schedule is different, so just find a time that makes it easy for when everyone is all together.
  2. Pick a monthly or weekly topic.  Sometimes we are not consistent because we don’t know what to teach about.  Start with topical things like prayer, or forgiveness, or obedience. You can also incorporate character training, or just read a chapter out of Proverbs and find nuggets of wisdom for that day.  We will also do one day out of the week to let the kids share what they are learning in Sunday School, or their own personal devotions. It’s great to hear from them as well!
  3. Make it fun.  With anything, if it’s not exciting or fun, it’s often hard to keep the children’s interest.   Try acting out a Bible story and then talk about what God is teaching through it.  Play a Bible trivia game where you are learning about Bible facts but still making it exciting.  Learn memory verses for the week and give out prizes!  Learn to be creative with it.
  4. Have a Missionary day.   Pick one day out of the week where you learn about missionaries from the past or missionaries that your church supports.  Find them on the map, learn interesting things about that country or area, pray for them, send them a family care package, etc.

All these ideas can help you stay focused and help everyone look forward to family devotions.   At our house it’s something we look forward to and the kids love to participate!

Family Devotional Resources

Here are a few *books and suggestions that may be helpful when planning your own Family Time together:

One year of family devotions-Book

Family Mealtime Devotions- Focus on the Family

Ten Minute Devotions to Draw your family to God

52 FUN Family Devotions 

52 Creative Family Prayer times

24 Family Ways-Family Devotion Guide (Clay Clarkson)

If a family devotion is something you have never done, or maybe you’ve done it  in the past but stopped for whatever reason, start today!  It’s something that your children will always remember.  It’s something that will bring your family closer together.  And it’s something that God will bless and honor you for being diligent about teaching your children God’s Word.

Do you have a regular family time?  What fun things do you do for Family Devotions?

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2 Responses to Making time for Family Devotions

  1. Lisa says:

    I was never gifted in early, yet my children and I had our devotions together before school as well, starting when they were in elementary school all the way up until my daughter was in college but living at home. The monthly “Keys for Kids” devotional from the Children’s Bible Hour was our favorite for many years. We also read the Proverbs one verse or topic at a time to focus on for the day. I’m your newest follower on fb and twitter – I’d love a follow back!


    • Jennifer says:

      Thank you Lisa for stopping and visiting! I also dropped by your site and followed along with yours as well! Thanks for letting me know! Blessings to you!


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