Time 4 Writing Review


I had the wonderful opportunity to try out ( along with my oldest daughter) Time 4 Writing.   If your not familiar with this program it is an 8 week on-line writing class for elementary (2nd grade) to high school.  Here is my 4 week review HERE.

These classes are interactive with a certified teacher to help enhance or improve your child’s writing ability.   They are given specific assignments and when they complete them will submit them to their teacher.  It will then be graded and sent back for either corrections or tips of improvement.  Then they will receive a grade on their progress after each completed assignment.

Her certificate she earned after  8 weeks

Her certificate she earned after 8 weeks

Here are the things I really about this program:

  • It was easy to use & understand
  • It keeps you on track for a complete 8 weeks
  • The teachers give wonderful tips and helpful advice
  • There are many other helpful resources available on their site
  • The assignments are specific & graded promptly
  • A certified teacher checks their work, grades it, & sends back the next day

Would I recommend Time 4 Writing?

Yes, I would.   I feel this program could be  beneficial to a student (whether home school or public/private school) that needs to sharpen up their writing skills or get extra practice to build more confidence.

I would however add it’s well worth the price of $99 per course, but I know in many situations where your working from one income or home schooling multiple students it would be something you could save and add to your budget.

Also, if the student doesn’t complete the assignments and work for the 8 weeks they can only extend it for 7 days for Free. (after that the program automatically closes)  This happen to us since my daughter was in the midst of turning in her final draft, we needed to extend it the extra 7 days.  They also have other options of extension but they are for an extra fee.

All in all, I would give Time 4 Writing an A!    If you would like more information please go visit their website HERE

Also here is a list for their on-line classes to choose from HERE

*All opinions were solely mine and were given in exchange for a selection of a one time 8 week course of my choice.  

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4 Responses to Time 4 Writing Review

  1. Michelle says:

    Our family loved Time4writing! I know my weakness and it is teaching writing so I was happy to find an affordable online course that both boys liked. I loved having a teacher who could help them in ways I couldn’t. We are going to do a refresher course again this summer! Loved your review!


  2. Kerry says:

    Each of our sons has used two or more Time4Writing courses. I noticed BIG jumps in their writing skills after finishing each course. When my younger son was taking the grammar course, I’ll admit I learned a few things I had somehow missed along the way as well!! Great review!


  3. Linda says:

    Thanks for your helpful review! We haven’t used T4W yet, but I expect that we will sometime during my daughter’s high school career because we butt heads badly where it comes to writing. Sometimes it is just best to have her accountable to someone else when that happens. I really appreciate your honesty, thanks again!


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