3 reasons to consider The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

If you know me well, you know I LOVE a great deal or bargain!  I love to get my monies worth and get what I paying for!  I am super excited to be an affiliate for this year’s Ultimate Homemaking Bundle!

This has got to be the best resource for any wife, mom, or lady that could use some encouragement, advice, or helpful tips and tricks.  I know if we are all honest…..we can all still learn a thing or two.  This bundle is a wonderful tool and it is loaded with 78 e-books, audio, and printables PLUS 10 extra bonuses worth $200!

Now I can’t give-away all the book details yet…..it’s a secret still. But this Ultimate Homemaking Bundle goes on sale tomorrow at 8 a.m.!!  I will be one of the sellers for this bundle and if you are considering a purchase be sure to stop back here tomorrow through April 28th.    If your still wondering if you should, here are 3 reasons to consider The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle:

  • Great deal w/loaded bonuses worth $200.  If purchases separately, it would cost all most $900!  So this is a great discount and an awesome price.
  • Great resource.  Honestly when I was a young wife & mom, there were not many resources available like there are now a days.  (If only there were Homemaking Bundles like this when I first started out! ) This is a terrific bundle with so many books to encourage you as a woman, mom, and wife!
  • Saves space & you can take it everywhere.  No big bulky books and no cluttered shelves.  This is space-saving and you can take it anywhere on your kindle, ipad, computer, etc.

Questions you might have…

Can I use these books on my Kindle, iPad, other tablet or eReader? YES! Any PDF file can be transferred to your device of choice (see full instructions and tutorial videos on our FAQ page), but this year we are also offering our first ever Kindle bundle option! This means that you can purchase the bundle as a full set of Kindle files (specifically formatted for eReaders) as well as the full set of PDFs (perfect for printing things like printables off of your computer).

How do I get the books onto my computer? Within minutes of your purchase, you will receive an email with login credentials for our access website, where you can directly download your files and also begin to redeem your bonus offers. You have the choice to download the files as a large .zip file (which comes in neatly organized folders that magically fly onto your computer) or download them one by one. It’s up to you, but either way, it’s simple and painless.

Do I need to pay shipping for the bonus offers? All of the bonus companies have agreed to honor their regular shipping policies, which means that if they have free shipping at $25 or more, or whatever they usually offer, they’ll allow you to get that shipping rate. In other words, a lot of online “special offers” will bump up the shipping in order to compensate for whatever it is they’re giving you for “free”. Our companies are not doing that. There are also several items that are digital items (online memberships, video files, etc.)  and for these bonuses, there are, of course, no shipping costs.

How long will I have to download the books? You will have just over 3 months, until August 1st, 2014.

I want to get the bundle, but I’m not sure. When will it be for sale again? Never. These bundles are a one-time-only deal. We offer them for 6 days, and when they’re done, you’ll never see that particular bundle package again, so if you want it, don’t wait!!!

If you want a reminder of when it goes on sale….but sure to subscribe to A Heart for the Home (up at the top – right hand corner) and I’ll send you an e-mail update as soon as the sale starts! 


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