40 things I learned in 40 years & Birthday Give-away

40things Today is the day…..the BIG birthday has come!  Happy Birthday to me….right?   I’m not really a person on numbers or dreading the day you turn 40.  Really I’m not!  HA!  But just reflecting over the years of my life and what God has taught me has been kind of neat, so I decided to make a list of 40 things I’ve learned in 40 years. {When I made this list, I didn’t put them in any particular order….just thoughts that came to my mind.}  So here they are….

  1. Always put God first
  2. Learn to be content with what you have
  3. Trust God in all areas of your life
  4. Children are a blessing
  5. Your words are more powerful than you think
  6. Prayer works
  7. Being a mom isn’t easy but it’s the best thing ever
  8. Pleasing God matters, not pleasing others
  9. Saving money is fun
  10. Your children do everything you do (good & bad)
  11. Forgive quickly
  12. Extend grace to others because God extended Grace to you
  13. God loves me more than I realize
  14. Jesus Christ paid my sin debt
  15. Family is the most important thing I have
  16. Say sorry to your kids when you mess up
  17. Following Christ is worth the cost
  18. Having a large family is cheaper than you think
  19. Writing thank you notes is important
  20. Don’t argue over small things
  21. Homeschooling is hard, but rewarding
  22. Being a Pastor’s wife has it’s challenges
  23. Giving your time to your children is crucial
  24. Submitting to you husband isn’t always easy
  25. Waiting on God to supply is worth the wait
  26. Buy used whenever you can
  27. Being a mother is one of the greatest opportunities
  28. Memorize scripture
  29. Laughter is truly the best medicine
  30. Focus on something positive each day
  31. Prayer is the most powerful weapon you have
  32. Marrying your best friend makes life fun
  33. I need God everyday
  34. Finding bargains and/or free things is a exhilarating
  35. Don’t sweat the small stuff
  36. 95 % of what we worry about never happens
  37. Psalms 19:14 is easier said & harder to live out
  38. Giving God control of every area of your life is the way to go
  39. A true friend is priceless
  40. Each day is truly a gift from God

My life is SO full and rich, I couldn’t be more thankful for all that God has given me, none in which I deserve.  With a Godly husband, 8 beautiful children, supportive parents, wonderful friends, and a life filled with purpose! birthdaypost As I sit here right now, I know these are some of the best days of my life!  It’s honestly great getting older…..really it is!  There is so much more I know now and I have a lot more wisdom than I did 20 years ago!  (well at least I feel I do)   I said to my daughter I feel like a 20 year old with 40 years of experience!  HA!  

So to celebrate my big birthday…..I will be giving away a few of my  favorite things! (now remember I have lots of favorite things but these are just a few)

I LOVE to read and I love to read books that will encourage and inspire my walk with God and help spur me to be a better wife, mom & Christian.  (Besides the Word of God)  I have a lot of authors I love but Elizabeth George is  an author that I have  more of on my shelf. birthdaygiveaway2 “A Woman’s High Calling” 10 ways to live out God’s Plan for your life is a great read for any woman at any age of her life!    I will also be throwing in a journal w/pen & Dove chocolate!  Yum!

Psalm 90:12-17   “So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.”

*Note this give-away is only open to U.S. residents 18 years and older

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14 Responses to 40 things I learned in 40 years & Birthday Give-away

  1. SandraKoontzMorris says:

    Happy Birthday…


  2. VickiSpencerMoser says:

    Happy Birthday! Love your list.


  3. MarandaBarnesJones says:

    Best birthday present ever will be to be debt free.


  4. KathrynPerryShirey says:

    Happy Birthday!  Love your list!  I just turned 40 last week and still adjusting to the new ‘number’ 🙂  But I think this may be the best decade yet!


  5. JennThePurposefulMom says:

    I’m not sure if I can think of what would be the best birthday present. Maybe a really clean, organized house? 🙂 These are fantastic things that you have learned, I hope I have as much wisdom as this when I turn 40!


  6. FaithfulFeat says:

    Thank you for the list! Very encouraging! Trusting your 40th  year is filled with blessings incomparable!


  7. FaithfulFeat  Thank you!!!!  Looking forward to it!


  8. jennronco says:

    Our 7th baby (a girl) is due just before my birthday this year. It’s such a sweet birthday gift!


  9. jennronco  Congrats to you!  So exciting a new little blessing!  Enjoy!


  10. JennThePurposefulMom   I’m with you Jenn!  A clean and organized house would be THE BEST!!!


  11. VickiSpencerMoser  Thanks Vicki!


  12. This was a great list.  My two favorites’ were children are a blessing and Jesus paid for our sin.  In my 41 years on this earth that is the two most important things I have learned along the way.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom.


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