Graduation highlights and thoughts

Wow did I EVER think this day would come that I would have a child that would graduate from high school!?  Whoa!   I still can not believe it and it already happened one week ago!  Here is a few pics from this wonderful celebration:

a very special moment

a very special moment


So proud of her!


the whole gang


sisters and best friends


We had her 1st day of school and last day of school


just beautiful

When I was a mom of very little ones, I would many different moms always say, “Enjoy it while you can, because it goes by so fast”  or “They grow up and before you know it & then they’re moving out”.    I would just shake my head and smile while thinking…..Yeah right!

Well, if you are a mom with little ones that feels this stage is never going to pass or your in the another stage of running your kids here and there like the “soccer mom”…..I’ve got news for you!  It REALLY does go by that fast!

This graduation was our 1st ever with our children and it has really gotten me to think more about what I’m doing as a mom.  I know my time with them is not as long as it seems and each day is precious…….each moment counts…..each memory is priceless.

It honestly spurs me on to be more purposeful, more focused , and more prayerful as I endeavour along with my husband to raising the other children that are younger.


Our children are only with us for a short time to train, raise, and guide towards the Lord.  Let’s be reminded each day is precious……each moment counts…….and each memory is priceless.

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