One thing about Homeschooling {and a $500 give-away}



The other day my husband asked me, if I could say ONE thing to moms considering educating their kids at home or moms that are new to homeschooling, what would it be?

After I thought about it for a few moments I said this:

Homeschooling is a commitment!  

Now there are many other things I could say as well, but over all it’s something that requires your time, your resources, your energy, & a great deal of commitment.

Homeschooling has it’s challenges and it has it’s rewards at the same time. And just because it’s a commitment doesn’t mean it has to be boring and drudgery!  We want to enjoy our kids and have fun learning with them!   I would also tell these moms to always keep in mind why you homeschool, because there are going to be good days and NOT so good days.  And it’s at this point when a not so good day is come (and they will!) you need to remember why you were lead to homeschool.

I believe there are many moms who give up in defeat because things just don’t pan out the way they expected or when they hit bumps in the road, they throw in the towel.  I know because I’ve had a few days when I wanted to throw the towel in!

When those moments come, it’s those times we need to get up, brush ourselves off, and realize that the rewards of homeschooling totally out way the days that just don’t go as planned.

So, hang in their mom and etch in your minds that schooling your children is a commitment.  You can do it!

Now, comes the exciting part! This is so awesome!!!!  Listen up…… If you are a home school mom…….you have a chance at winning $500 in pay pal cash!  Yes, you read that right…..$500 paypal cash!   (*Please note you must be a homeschooler and have a paypal account.)

If you currently home school your children, enter here below for a chance of winning cash!  Who couldn’t use some of that to help pay for books, supplies, and even craft supplies!?   Don’t forget to share with all your other homeschool friends!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What would be ONE thing you could say about homeschooling?  

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