When change is difficult


As the summer months and days clicked by, I knew in the back of my mind what was coming.    It was a thought that I’ve had for awhile and I knew at some point…..at some day, it would happen.      Could I change it?    Could I make it stop?   Could I keep things the way they were at this very moment?    The answer would probably be yes to some of them, but in reality I knew the time had come to let one of my children go.

Once you become a mom, your always a mom.  That is something that just doesn’t stop, but what I’m realizing now is that your role of a mom will change.  (and that’s okay)

For me, this is my first and oldest leaving for Bible college.  She has been with me through many different phases and moves of our life.  From Bible College with my husband to our 1st job in ministry, she has been with us every step of the way!    I knew the time was coming one day that I wouldn’t have ALL my children home with me under one roof.   For me, I love having my kids with me and I enjoy spending time with each of them but I knew that it’s impossible and ultimately unrealistic to believe that things would always stay this way.

change 5

I know that God has given us our children to raise for a season.  I also know that my children aren’t really mine!   As stated before I’ve been given these precious gifts for a season and a purpose to train and raise for the Lord.   When I realize how short a time that is, it makes it even more urgent to instill, guide, and point them to the Lord.

Just a couple of weeks ago that time came for me to help my daughter pack up her stuff, load the van, drive 6 1/2 hours away, and drop her off to begin the next faze of her life.   I couldn’t be prouder that she is following what God is wanting her to do.   For years we have prayed that her heart  (as well as the other children) would follow after God, that her goals would be God’s goals, that her passions would be God’s passions, and that she would seek to please Him with her life!

Then if I prayed for all this…..why is it so difficult?   `

Here is a few reasons why…….

Change takes time to get used to.     With anything a change in a job, a change in location, a change in family size, or a change in finances it takes time to get used to things.   We all are by nature creatures of habit and change takes time to develop a new way of thinking, a new pattern, a new normal.   That’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just a way for us to develop a new chapter in our lives and mature in different ways.

Change makes us grow.   Have you ever heard of growing pains?   (not the t.v. show) But growing sometimes hurt.  If everything we did stayed the same, it would never give us different opportunities to grow, mature and learn how to rely on God.   These are the times that pulls us towards God and His promises, and a closer walk with Him.

Change is needful.   Without change it would be boring!  Wouldn’t it?   We need to change and embrace the seasons in our life.   We are not always going to be a mom with small little infants or toddlers (even though it feels like that at times), we aren’t always going to have hormonal teenagers, and we aren’t always going to have children living at our house.   It’s the process of life!   Like I always say…..”I’m working myself out of a job!”   As so true that is!     Our goals as a parent…..is to work ourselves out of a job.


My daughter and I after we moved her into the dorm! Bitter-sweet

Some of you maybe wondering where I am right now.  Well, I can honestly say……I’m doing fine!  {really I am}  Yes, I’ve had the initial tears and thoughts of wanting to go back and get her.   But God is faithful and each day has gotten easier.    (it’s only been 3 weeks)  Right now……

I’m learning to guide and direct from a distance.

I’m learning to trust God more.

I’m learning to embrace this change.

I’m learning to see the positives.

No one ever said change was easy but without it we wouldn’t see growth and we wouldn’t give God the opportunity to stretch us and use us in different ways.   Change in our life is all how we look at things.  We can choose to see just the negative or we can find the positive things and allow God to use them for His purpose!   Whatever change you are facing, try and embrace it and look for the positive things.   God will use this time to grow and stretch you in ways you never thought possible!  For me, it’s a new chapter and a whole new dimension to parenting!



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3 Responses to When change is difficult

  1. rogmisbailey says:

    Beautiful post! Thank you for sharing. Stopping over from Mama Moment Mondays.


  2. pj_kuhn says:

    It’s hard! I did have the joy of having my daughter with me while attending college. She attended where my husband taught so they went together every day for almost 4 years. She’s graduating in December and 7 days later getting married. The last one to leave the nest and that a big adjustment, too. I love what you said about change bringing growth and ways to stretch ourselves. I’m eager to see what this “new normal” will look like for me. ~Pamela


  3. Misty says:

    Thank you Jennifer for sharing this beautiful truthful post. It will be featured at my blog for this week’s Family Fun Friday. Blessings! ❤


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