Fall harvest sale & give-away

Fall is in the air and so is a sale from Tommy Nelson CLICK HERE.   Are you looking for some adorable books for your little ones that have meaning and purpose and a message that will inspire?   Many of their awesome books are currently on sale!   Below you can be entered to win 3 of them!   Yes!  Three of them!




Here is the first book called Good Night Little Pumpkin by Claire Keay.

This charming little book about sleepy little Milo in his over sized pumpkin costume will be a perfect read before your little one falls asleep. A perfect book for ages 1 to 6 .





The second book is called A Pumpkin Prayer by Amy Parker

This little book with sweet little prayers for little ones is a perfect touch to any family with little small children.  What a perfect book to add to their collect of prayer books.  Great for ages 1 to 5.





The third book of this fall giveaway is called The Pumpkin Patch Parable by Liz Higgs

This book about a parable of a loving farmer who transforms pumpkins into works of art, just like God does with each of us.  God will fill our hearts with love and light for others to see when we allow Him to do a work in our life.  What an awesome book to curl up and read by the warm fire with your children. This book is geared for ages 2 to 4.


There is a chance to win ALL THREE of these books for your family!   Be sure to stop by and check out this awesome sale on all the other  fall harvest books by Tommy Nelson.  Click HERE for more sales and information.  Be sure to share this sale and give-away with your friends!

Now here is YOUR chance to win All Three Books!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Remember this give-away is ONLY open to U.S. residents 18 years and older 

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9 Responses to Fall harvest sale & give-away

  1. Jeanette says:

    First is durability. With a 3 and 1 year old our books need to last. This time of year I search out Autumn and Thanksgiving books. We don’t do Halloween.


  2. Laura H. says:


    Durability but also beautiful rather than computer designed illustrations, and content that is true- I find many bible stories change the details such as in nativity stories


  3. Rebecca C says:

    Durability and content.


  4. Cathy says:

    My kids loved ‘The Pumpkin Patch Parable ‘by Liz Curtis Higgs when they were little. The other books sound great too. : )

    I’m visiting from Juana’s Wednesday’s Prayer Girls & Link-Up.


  5. Elaine says:

    Content, then durability. Has to hold attention.


  6. RuthAnne Darr says:

    I think books that last are really important, but also content that is appropriate.


  7. erin says:

    I enjoy a book with a positive message for my daughter….


  8. Jenn says:



  9. Neyssa says:

    I look for durability and positive messages when I purchase my children books.


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