Controlling the temperature of your home

thermosta2tAs the weather is changing around my neck of the woods, I’m really looking forward to cooler, crisp weather, fall leaves, a warm fire, hot chocolate and all those fun things of fall. I’m also reminded that being the wife and mom of my home, I have a lot of control over the temperature of my house.   (And I’m not talking about the actual degrees)

I can honestly say that many years ago I would of totally disagreed with my own statement.  I used to think, “There is no way that one person can change the atmosphere of the home.” Over the years I greatly learned that is not the case.   If I can tell moms young or old…..

“Mom, you are a huge factor on the atmosphere of your home”

I really believe when we grasp a hold of that concept it really will change the way we conduct ourselves in our homes.

When we are happy…..there is a pleasant mood in our homes.  When we are excited……there is anticipation in the home.  When we are cheerful…..there is a warmth and sunshine brought into our homes.   When we are somber……there is a lifeless atmosphere in our homes.  When we are yelling and mean toned……there is strife and sadness in our homes.  etc. burning-candle

Now, let me say, that isn’t accurate 100% of the time but in most cases our moods affect the rest of the house.   It affects everyone!  

Let me show you something I’ve been doing around our house lately.  Each morning I start humming or singing a particular hymn and within a few minutes and even throughout the day I’ll see how many I hear start singing the same thing.   It’s quite funny to see it happen. But without fail, I sing or hum something and soon you’ll hear someone singing the same tune or verse I was just singing.    Try it!   It’s catchy!  And it will help you see that you really do rub off on others.

Tomorrow morning, try this yourself.  Start the day off just doing your normal tasks and just sing a song or whistle something and soon enough, you’ll catch someone doing the same thing.  (unless you have really small children or babies)

Now this is just a simple example but it’s really a huge thing.  The way we are around the house is typically how things end up going.  We have a lot of control on the atmosphere of our homes.  More than we know!  

Does this mean we are suppose to be cheerful, happy, smiling, never having a bad day kind of wife & mom?   No!  Realistically life happens and we are humans who have emotions, good days and bad days.  But we do need to keep in mind that there is a lot that we CAN change and it all depends on our attitude.  il_570xN.570477419_5r20

Here’s a few things that help when we see our  home’s atmosphere  going in a downward spiral:

  • Check your attitude and tone of voice.
  • Put a smile on your face.
  • Stop what your doing and just have a good laugh with your kids. Be silly!
  • Quote a scripture verse out loud.
  • Start singing a favorite hymn or even a silly song.
  • Take a walk to get fresh air & try and start the day over.
  • Put on happy or calming music and light a candle.
  • Pray!

Remember Satan doesn’t want your home to be a warm and friendly environment.  He wants to cause strife, fighting, yelling, bad attitudes, grumbling, complaining and the list goes on!   So, let’s keep reminding ourselves as the women of the home we need to be proactive in adjusting the thermostat where it needs to be adjusted.

Be encourage Mom…..a smile and a joyful heart does a world of wonders for your home!

A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance: but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken.  Proverbs 15:13

Here’s a great reminder of Attitude from Charles Swindoll:


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9 Responses to Controlling the temperature of your home

  1. Sharon Shoemaker says:

    I’ve missed your posts! I know your a busy wife, mom and Pastors wife. This won is awesome! 💜


    • blessedx8 says:

      Awwww…..thanks Mrs. Shoe. Yes I’ve been super busy lately but when I get the time it’s fun to start typing away! Thanks for reading!!


  2. Sharon Shoemaker says:

    Opps I mean this ONE IS awesome!


  3. This was such a fabulous reminder! I completely agree. I remember when I was a child how much the home was influenced by my mother, and I can see the same in my own home. That is really funny and cute that your children hum the songs you do 🙂 I’ll have to try that experiment. Great quote on attitude, and overall, great advice!


  4. It is amazing how our children respond to our attitude. We can easily turn around a bad day or start the day off cheerful and those in our home will typically follow. It’s such an important lesson for wives and mama’s to learn!


  5. Robbi says:

    This. James tells us to consider (to choose) it all joy. Trials for me are chasing around two kids 2 1/2 and under and laundry and dishes and cleaning on very little sleep because the foremen ton Littles take shifts keeping me up most nights. It isn’t easy, but I don’t want to be an angry, frustrated mama for them. So I am working on choosing joy. Thanks for sharing!


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