Changes to liven up your homeschool life

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I’ve now been home schooling over 10 years!  Its super excited to say I’ve graduated 2 of my children from high school too!  YAHOO! (I still have 6 more to go)  I have done a lot of things wrong, right and in between.   I’ve also did various home school styles from videos, to regular teaching, workbooks, and also unit studies.  I also taught in a Christian school for 3 years (that’s another story).

This year I’ve made some BIG changes in our home school plan!  I’m actually really excited about this year and all that I’ve gotten accomplished this past month to get the process going.

We used to have a “school room” a number of years ago, but that changed to our older daughters room and the younger gang have been doing school at the table or in front of the wood stove in the winter!  HA!

Well I truly needed change and so did the kids.  I think sometimes change is good and it’s needed.  We’ve got to reevaluate things and find what works and what doesn’t.  Find what we can spice up or what we can let go of.  For me this summer, change has created a new excitement for homeschooling.  YES!

Recently I’ve decided to turn a section of our basement into a “school area”.   So exciting!  Our basement isn’t the most glamorous, but hey it’s a space that I’ve started working on to add a special feel for the kids and a space that we can be creative and learn.  Also a spot where we can close the door when we are done and not have “school” spread out everywhere!  (why didn’t I think of this sooner?!)

(A few pics of things I’ve been updating in our basement….still in progress)

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Here’s some encouragement to new home schooling moms or even ones that have been doing it for awhile…..

Know that home schooling truly evolves as you go.  What works one year, might not work another year.  Also what curriculum works for one child might not neccessarily work for another one.  It’s truly a process!

Don’t give up when it gets tough!  In all reality home schooling your children is hard and trying at moments but remember it’s also very rewarding and can be fun!  Changing things up can help from burn out!  Let me be the 1st to say….you gotta keep things new and fresh.  This is another reason we are moving to the basement.  I needed change as well as them.  (Remember you don’t NEED a “room” to effectively home school….you can school anywhere, this is just what works for us) 

Pray over your school year, your curriculum and the goals that you want for your home.   Including God is so very important and learning to allow God to direct your steps is key!

You gotta be organized and planned out.  Chaos truly happens when you don’t have plans or goals.  Trust me…I’ve tried it many ways and it’s not pretty when your not planned out.  Here is a great resource to help get your organized in your school time, family time, and everything else. If your needing to get more organized and planned, click HERE to order your planner….it’s a great tool!


Last but not least….be you!!  You are the only one that knows your kids the best and you are the one that God created to meet their needs.   Don’t compare yourself to what other home school moms are doing, just follow God’s leading and do what He has you do!

Schooling your children is a journey and it is a great opportunity to guide their hearts and their minds towards Christ.  It’s an opportunity to connect with them and spend time cultivating their lives to be faithful servants of the Lord.

How are you changing things up this upcoming year?  Let me hear your ideas!!! 


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2 Responses to Changes to liven up your homeschool life

  1. Congrats on 10 years of homeschooling!! We are changing it up a bit this year-adding a lot more Brave Writer lifestyle changes to our homeschool with poetry tea time, nature study, & interest-driven pursuits. Excited to start back!


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