What I learned from reading through the Bible in one year


Happy New Year!  (yes I’m a few days behind but hey…it’s still “new” isn’t it)  What a wonderful and super busy 2016 it was, with so many life changes and schedules to keep up with.   I’m super excited to share with you what I’ve learned this past year while challenging myself to read through the entire Bible in one year!  Stick around and I’ll get into what has transformed my life.

First, this was a personal goal of mine that the Lord placed on my heart and I have read through the Bible before but it was SO long ago I honestly don’t remember much about anything.   I honestly can’t recall even how old I was….but either way, I wanted to do it this year and I was amazed at how it changed me!

I first had to find a “plan” that best suited me.  There are SO many “reading plans” for going through the Bible, I found a simple one that just worked for me.  Nothing fancy, just going through the old and new testament at the same time.  Keep in mind, I have been reading the Bible each day before this past year but it was more devotional style reading.

What the Lord began to show me was how much I did NOT know!  (honestly that isn’t super surprising)  But it spurred me on to want and desire to dig deeper.    I found myself truly intrigued with all the “stories” of the old testament and how they came alive when I read them.  It really uncovered a passion to want to know more and put a desire to research in a different way.

Another thing that I learned was as busy as I am that if you are serious about reading the Bible it can be done!   Juggling home tasks, schooling, appointments, sicknesses, vacations,  having another daughter graduate and leave for college, church ministry, and the list goes on I was still able to carve out time to read each and every day.  Let me add…..you can too!

Now let me say….there were days here and there that I missed but caught up later on.  But for the most part it became part of what I did.  I looked forward to “that time” when I could sit and read!  I’ll also be transparent that some of the reading was very hard to understand and follow, but I kept plugging away through some of those tougher books.

It taught me how to be disciplined, it taught me to truly value God’s Word.  I honestly know that I’ve taken God’s Word for granted a lot.  Not necessarily on purpose but because we have many copies in our home and we don’t truly appreciate the freedom we have to read it each and everyday unlike other’s around the world.  We are very blessed to have the completed, inspired Word of God and I’ve grown a love for it like never before.

One other thing about reading the Bible through this past year has also encouraged my children to make reading God’s Word important too.  Remember the things your children learn are more caught than taught!  When they see us in God’s Word each day they are encouraged to do the same.  When it’s important to us….it truly does become important in their lives as well too!  

There are many opinions about whether it’s beneficial to read through the Bible, I’ve even heard many say it can even turn into a “duty”.  That can happen when we don’t have the right heart and attitude about it, but when we look to God’s Word to hear the Lord speak and to open our hearts to what we can apply to our lives….it becomes a treasure and something we desire more of!   My opinion is that every believer in Christ should at some point in their walk with the Lord read the entire Word of God.  I’m not saying you must read it in one year, but over time you should take the time to read it from beginning to end.     Just think this is God’s words to us!  What a powerful thing to treasure!

2 Timothy 3:16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:

This year I have challenged myself in another area of my spiritual walk with the Lord.  (be sure to stay tuned)

What areas are you looking to grow this year in 2017?   Or what experience have you had with reading through God’s Word?  Be sure to share and comment below!




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