Sparkle & Change Bible give-away & review


I had an opportunity to preview the New “Sparkle and Change” Girl’s Pink Bible from Tommy Nelson.  (give-away at the end)  This adorable Bible is geared towards little girls 6 to around 11 years of age.   It is a hard cover book with a pink sequinc  front to add a little sparkle to their reading.    *version is ICB

Goodone (1)

There are many other neat features inside as well such as:

  • Bible Time Line
  • Dictionary
  • Memory verses for life
  • Where Do I Find It?
  • God’s Promises
  • Names of God/Miracles of God
  • Maps

53518727_2060947900662653_8449913761887682560_n (1)

This Bible gives a pretty good amount of features for a young girl, plus it adds a little sparkle to make reading and carrying your Bible just a little more “fun”.    Another feature sprinkled through out are colorful pages with topics such as:   “Why should I read the Bible” “How do I Pray”  and “How do I study the Bible”.    Very appealing for girls at this age.

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53730248_1104569423061127_5402468099817472000_n (1)


As always I have the opportunity to give-away one copy to one of my faithful readers!  If you are interested in winning one for your daughter, granddaughter or maybe use it as a gift…..enter below!!   If your interested in purchasing one, click HERE.

** this Bible from Tommy Nelson was given in exchange for my honest review

ENTER HERE  >>>>>>>>>>     a Rafflecopter giveaway

Give-away ENDS March 13th, 2019  

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2 Responses to Sparkle & Change Bible give-away & review

  1. Angela says:

    What a wonderful idea for a beautiful Bible for young girls!


  2. Toni Sprouse says:

    I would love sharing this with my nine year old granddaughter. Thanks for the chance!


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