Thank you for your interest in A Heart for the Home.  If you have a company, product, book, e-book, etsy shop, or other blog that you would like to advertise here, please read the following information:

Currently (2013) I have approximately (just started in February of 2013, 256+  Facebook followers, 170+ Twitter followers, and 4,000 unique monthly page views.  So it’s definitely growing quickly.

An ad consists of:

125×125 ad button on the side bar of my blog

1 month $20

3 months $55 (you save $5)

6 months $110 (you save $10)

12 months $200 (you save $40)

Primary Readers: Women, Mothers, Mothers of Young Children, Homemakers, Conservative Christians, Homeschoolers

As ads are placed onto the blog(s), we will also post an update about them on the Facebook/Twitter page. We will only advertise for companies we support and believe in their message therefore are happy to periodically promote them on the blog(s), Facebook and Twitter.

If you any questions please feel free to contact me here.

Thank you!

Jennifer (owner of A Heart for the Home)



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