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Homeschooling…why it was a NOT so great year (& what I’m doing different this year)

Well it’s about to get “real” here today…..I’m going to be pretty transparent about our homeschool year that just ended.   Let me say….I’m SO HAPPY we are done with that year!  I have several reasons why but let’s just … Continue reading

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Is there really quiet time?

“Quiet time you say?”   “I’m NOT quite sure what quiet time is anymore!”  On any given day there is nothing close to quiet in this house….   With seven kids (now 8) running, talking, playing, fighting (yes, they do that … Continue reading

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Practicing Hospitality (part 1)

What a tremendous weekend we had as a family!  I’ve been reminded that we are truly blessed when we learn to open our hearts and our homes to others!  Our weekend has been all about hospitality.  Not every second of the … Continue reading

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When we mess up as Moms

Messing up as a mom is something that hits home more times than I would like to admit.  If we are all honest, I’m sure there are others who have felt the same way.  You know the kind of day … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Encourage your Family

Have you taken the time to bless & encourage your family lately? I know we all get consumed with schedules, church functions, school activities, & the rat race of life, but have we neglected the ones closest to us? There are times when we … Continue reading

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