Jamberry Nails Review & give-away


I had the wonderful opportunity to try out Jamberry nails!  As a very busy mom, I wanted to put them to the test and see if they could really hold up with a busy schedule. (By the way…..you can enter below to win a set for yourself)

What is Jamberry nails?   Jamberry nails are simply a stick-on nail color (not a sticker), it’s made of vinyl, that you put on at home that holds up and last almost 2 weeks, and it comes in over 300 shades and designs. Click here for more info.

Now, I must say, being a busy mom of 8, I don’t have much time to put into doing my nails.  On most days they aren’t filed or well kept!  {gasp!} But from time to time it’s nice to have a little manicure and have your hands looking a bit more polished and pretty.

If you are one that spends money or time at a salon, you’ll know it adds up quickly to get gels done, manicure, or tips.  With Jamberry, you can avoid the costs and do them at home and enjoy hundreds of cool designs (by the way you can even design your own).

I put my Jamberry nails on Friday afternoon and I really just did things as normal.  Washing dishes, cleaning the bathroom, my hands were in chemicals, changing diapers, I even did decoupage and some other crafts throughout the week.

Here’s a glimpse of me putting them on myself: (it wasn’t hard at all)

my nails before beginning

my nails before beginning


matching up the correct size for my nail


heating up the 1st wrap (only takes a few seconds)

putting my 1st wrap on

putting my 1st wrap on

pressing them down and sealing the edges

pressing them down and sealing the edges


this is the final product! (a bit blurry my daughter was taking the pics) Cute huh?

Like I said before I really put these nails to the test.  I simply did my normal routine of cleaning, folding, washing, giving kids baths, I even did some crafts.  This is what they looked like at day 9.


still looking pretty shiny & holding up great!

All in all these are a wonderful alternative to going to the salon and paying big bucks or painting your nails at home (because they last WAY longer).

These nail wraps are definitely the way to go!  They are pretty inexpensive, they last long, and there are so many styles and designs to choose from!  Remember they are great for your toes too!   If you would like to order a set or learn more CLICK HERE or enter for a chance to win a free set below!!!

Check out the comparison between jamberry and other name brands:



Now is your chance to win a set of wraps in your choice of design below:

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Remember this give-away is only opened to U.S. residents that are 18 years or older.

*This review is solely my opinion and was given in exchange for a set of jamberry nails.

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7 Responses to Jamberry Nails Review & give-away

  1. jktouss says:

    I love the Birds of Paradise!


  2. JViola79 says:

    Watermelon was my favorite as it is our favorite summer fruit. My granddaughter would love it!


  3. sleighty says:

    My favorite is Icy Rose Polka!


  4. Tidbitsofexperi1 says:

    I need to get my review live for these too. I LOVE these things! I got to review a set too, and I’m utterly hooked. I want another set really bad. I can’t wait to have my nickles saved up enough to buy them.


  5. erquillin says:

    I like the Queen Anne, but I just don’t know if I can pick a favorite. I only just discovered these, and right now I’m wearing curve ball to round out my kids’ baseball season!


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