Practical Hospitality (part 2)



Now that we tacked the “why be hospitable” & “practicing hospitality“.  Let’s look at ways we can make it practical and easy.

 Opening your home to guests, family, strangers, & friends can sometimes be a major undertaking.  But there are many things we can do to keep it practical and easier.

Always keep in mind that we are opening our homes with “others” in mind.  We are trying to make them feel welcome, comfortable, & loved. 

 Let’s look at a few ways to make it fun while keeping the focus on our guests.

 1. Plan ahead.  This will eliminate a lot of stress and it will help when you start to prepare.  

In some cases you can find out ahead of time what your guests like to eat, if they have any food allergies, will they be staying over night, do they have kids, etc.  

It’s best if you can find out things prior so you know what to prepare and have things at your house that will make them feel comfortable and things that they will enjoy and make their time more relaxing. 

2. Prepare a few days ahead of time. 

This will free you up to spend more time visiting with your guests.  Maybe cleaning a few days ahead of time in a certain room instead of waiting until the night before.  (let me tell you from experience…’s better to work a few days ahead of schedule, especially if you live in a busy house like I do!) 

*This is a great time to get your kids involved!  This not only helps you as you prepare, but it’s a great time to teach them of hospitality!  (stay tuned to the next up coming post on this topic)

You can also prepare home baked goods ahead of time, also prep some of your foods, shopping to stock up on a essential items, and anything else you think of that will eliminate other things that may come up last minute.

Welcometoour home


 3. Keep certain things stocked.

There are certain things I try and keep on hand at all times.  I’ve learned to keep a stock of quick items like cake or brownie mixes, decorative paper plates, disposable cups, coffee supplies, etc.  You get the idea….things that just in case you have an unexpected guests, you are ready with something on hand.   

Another idea is keeping things in the freezer and have ready to pull out & bake or heat up.   It can even be something you baked a head of time and just could pull out and thaw.   (now that it what I call easy!)

Being prepared is the whole key.  We don’t need fancy and complicated.  Sometimes simple is just better.  It allows more time to focus in on our guests and having time for more important things.  

It will open up free time to relax and enjoy the time talking, & spending on the enjoying your special guests.  Being relaxed is key when making yourself hospitable.  You don’t want to be hussling and running around the house when your guests are there.

Luke 10:38-42

Remember the story in the Bible about Mary and Martha.  Jesus didn’t want Martha to be worried about the things of cooking, and cleaning.  He encouraged her to be sitting and taking time with what was more important.  (now in this case, it was our Lord Jesus Christ).  But when guests come to our home we need to be concern about them….dishes can wait… (That’s a hard one for me) 

Last but not least……

4.  Relax and Enjoy!

Remember your guests are going to remember you taking the time to open your home and most importantly your heart.  They won’t necessarily remember the cobweb you left hanging and the dirt you left on the base boards.  Making them feel special, loved and important is what will last forever!







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